Buy 3 to receive 1 of it free! Point Back Promotion 2+1 Essentially Free FREE Essentially free (Point Back) Buy 3 favorite products at a great value! Promotion period 5/10(Mon)0:00 JSTー5/16(Sun)23:59 JST

2+1 promotion has ended.

Please continue to enjoy the products in the Content Market.

Promotion overview

  • Summary

    During the promotion period, same amount of points as the lowest priced product out of the 3 items will be applied as point back.※1Purchase Example

  • Promotion period

    From 5/10(Mon)0:00 JSTー5/16(Sun)23:59 JST

    (May end early once the 10 million point is reached)

  • Point Back Method

    After payment is completed, FC2 Point will be reflected to the purchase account within few days.

  • Applicable products

    All content market products (general/adult)

※1Same amount of FC2 Redeemable Point as the lowest product will be applied.


Purchase Example

  • Purchase Example
  • 980pt Point Back!
    When purchasing 4 products4商品同時購入時の場合
  • 3200pt Point Back!
    When purchasing 5 products5商品同時購入時の場合
  • 8830pt Point Back!
    When purchasing 6 products6商品同時購入時の場合
  • 10680pt Point Bank!
    When purchasing 9 products9商品同時購入時の場合
  • 11400pt Points back
    When a bulk purchase is included in the purchaseまとめ買い商品が含まれている購入時の場合