【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ

VR【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ

Supported Devices

  • PC
  • iOS
  • Android

Sale Day : 2020/08/08

Sample Images

  • 1【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 2【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 3【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 4【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 5【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 6【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 7【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 8【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 9【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ
  • 10【3DVR素人カタログ③】Part.3ご奉仕フェラ 優しく丁寧なちんぽ掃除フェラ。美白おっぱい見せつけ。69フェラ

VRSample VideoVR goggles required to view this product

Download sample VR video


VR Viewing Recommended Environment


Android 5.0.2 or higher, iOS 10.0 or higher Oculus Go / Quest


Virtoba・bobovrz4・Pico1・GearVR・Google Cardboard


Contents Market Viwer (iOS)

Cautions (Please read)

  • Please check the sample VR video to see if it's compatible with the VR headset and mobile device in use before purchase.
    (We do not accept returns or exchange even if the product cannot be played.)
  • If you are under 18 years old, please refrain from using a VR headset due to a risk of causing strabismus.
  • For Android devices, depending on the manufacturer's specifications, there may be a large difference in viewpoint regarding 3D video playback which may result in 3D sickness.
  • If you have any questions about the video playback player / VR headset, please contact the application developer or retailer.
  • Even if all requirements are met, video may not play depending on the hardware performance and CPU usage rate.

When Using Android

  • Version 5.0.2 or higher is recommended.
  • Screen size of 5 inches or more(resolution 1920 x 1080 or more) is recommended.
  • Please use device that supports gyro sensor (3-axis gyro / 3-axis acceleration). For details, please check the description column on the product page.
  • Video may be cut off or asymmetric on the sides for devices with less than 5 inches.

When Using iPhone

  • We recommend iOS 10.0 or higher. (Playback is possible with 5,5s, SE, etc., but not recommended due to the narrow view)
  • Development is performed with the lastest OS version.
  • For iPhone devices, we recommend the use of FC2 Content Market Viewer for playback.

Product description

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Regarding to the file size when downloading the products

In order to adapt to various environments,the upload data will be converted automatically and the Download size may differ from the original file size.
Please contact the seller directly if you want to download the original file.

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  • 好み

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    1 week agoこの子の第二弾希望
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    3 weeks agoVR最高です
  • No Subject

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    1 month agoよかったです
  • 5
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    4 months ago購入でしたがサイコーでした。
  • No Subject

  • 4
  • Average rating of this reviewer

    8 months ago女の子がぎこちなくエロい言葉を使うのはよかったが、 少し高い視点からフェラを眺めるため見やすいとは言い難い。 リアルな視点を求める3DVRでのフェラは どうしても女の子とカメラの距離が離れてしまうため仕方ないのかもしれないが少し残念。
  • No Subject

  • 5
  • Average rating of this reviewer

    9 months agoとても素敵です
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